Discover the key role of Jersey in Family Office structuring and wealth management

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Robert Venticinque
Client Services Director, Family Office
Published: 30th Jan 2024

Altum Group’s Robert Venticinque brings invaluable insights following the STEP Arabia conference, shedding light on the critical role Jersey plays in family office structuring and wealth management.

He discusses the dynamic landscape of family offices and their growing attraction to Jersey as a jurisdiction of choice.

Jersey’s significance in Family Office structuring

Jersey is a leading international finance centre with more than 60 years of expertise in delivering private wealth management, from trusts and estate management and succession planning to popular foundation structures.

Over the last decade, we have seen a significant increase in the number of family offices, not only establishing on the Island but also migrating to Jersey from other jurisdictions. As a world-IFC, Jersey supports family offices to grow and protect their wealth with a solid infrastructure, specialist advice and expertise, and a wide range of services and products, such as its flexible and forward-thinking laws for trusts and foundations.

The Family Office migration trend

More recently there has been a growth in family offices, and the need for jurisdictions that offer attractive regulations and structures to ensure, whilst facilitating transparency and understanding around the expectations and aspirations of the family office. Industry professionals in Jersey are well positioned to provide such services and continue to provide advice and support on regulations, structuring and operational trends affecting family offices – all areas that must be considered to ensure the longevity of family offices in the Middle East and globally.

Jersey is highly regarded, well-regulated and has a well-developed legal system with political stability. The infrastructure is excellent and Jersey is therefore an attractive jurisdiction. Read the Family Office – Global and regional regulatory, structuring and operational trends speaker notes here.

How Altum Group help.

Are you looking to explore the benefits of Jersey for your family office? Altum Group’s expert team is here to guide you through the intricacies of structuring and wealth management. Contact us today to discover how our tailored solutions can help your family office thrive in Jersey and beyond.