Technology Solutions

We enhance the performance of our teams and extend the boundaries of our unrivalled service.

Our clients benefit from a range of innovative technologies and industry leading platforms.


We have adopted a Microsoft First strategy, in order to deliver a client-focused technology platform that enables our teams to work anywhere, anytime, securely. It provides us the ability to dynamically scale, we grow with you.

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Product-specific technology

Microsoft First
Leveraging Enterprise – class technology across business systems, infrastructure and security.

Investing in security to keep your data safe.

Connectivity & Flexibility
We enable you to access your key data 24/7 and can tailor a solution to your needs. 

Business Systems
Partnerships with market leading technology solution providers enable us to deliver the best service delivery to our clients. 

Resilient Infrastructure
Powered by Azure data centres with a fully integrated technology stack and joined up security architecture.

We’ve built our Cloud environment from the ground up so that we can grow with you.

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Our Platforms

Through partnerships with award winning global technology providers, coupled with bespoke client-driven solutions, we enable our teams to deliver exceptional client service with a truly comprehensive offering. Our client portal solutions allow for real-time, accurate and tailored portfolio accounting and client-level reporting.
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Peter Messervy-Gross
Chief Information Officer

Our technology infrastructure

  • Cloud based platforms
  • Waterfall engine
  • Data ingestion
  • Machine learning
  • Mobile access
  • Secure data
  • Certifications
  • Data insights
  • GDPR

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We have a unique ownership structure and culture which keeps our teams engaged, committed and working with us for the long-term. We realise how frustrating high employee turnover rates can be, which is why maintaining a highly skilled and stable team is such a priority for us.

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