Environmental, Social and Governance

Our ESG policy

Our dedicated Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) committee facilitates continued professional development to enable our teams to support our clients’ social responsibility and ESG requirements.

Our directors are qualified and experienced and work with our clients to determine their strategy and assist with the investment appraisal and approval process.

Our ESG journey.

Meet our ESG experts

We work with exceptionally talented people who have a deep knowledge of their area of  expertise.

Our social responsibility

We are a growing business but as we grow and evolve, we guarantee that we will not lose sight of what is most important to us – people.  How we invest in our people, how our company impacts the communities in which we operate and the positive contribution we can make to our planet will always be central to the decisions we take and the way we conduct our business.

We are a signatory to the IOD diversity and inclusion charter and promote equal opportunity within our recruitment and on-going opportunities. Our active ESG committee provides frequent training opportunities to all colleagues to enable them to improve their understanding and to provide expert support to our long-term partners.

Our organisation is passionate about environmental matters and as a result we decided to become a signatory to the UN Global Compact to align our business to the UN Sustainable business goals.  We have committed to becoming carbon neutral for all our Scope 1 and 2 emissions, not in the distant future, but by the end of 2022.

Support for local charities

Through a foundation of shared ownership and a purpose led culture, we believe we can create an environment where we all develop on an ethical and emotional basis in addition to a professional one. Thus enabling our business to provide a market leading service whilst being a good corporate citizen.

Altum Group has a strong history of supporting local charities through our CSR initiatives.

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