Altum speaker on Seismic’s ESG strategy webinar

Evan Laframboise profile image
Evan Laframboise
Associate Director, Real Estate
Published: 7th Dec 2023

How to get started with your ESG strategy

Where should you start when trying to tackle such a vast, fast-changing and intricate challenge? Join Evan Laframboise, Senior Manager at Altum Group to learn how to start your ESG strategy journey.

  • 60-minute virtual session
  • Taking place on Tuesday, 12 December at 9:00am BST
  • Free registration, limited availability – click here for your ticket

Moving to a better business world is a marathon, not a sprint. It is easy to get stuck in the day-to-day, so join us as we zoom out and see the big picture.

In this virtual webinar, you will learn from Seismic and their panel of business experts on how to define and realise your ESG strategy and how to put plans into action.

Key takeaways

  • Actionable next steps to define your own ESG Strategy
  • ESG Strategy examples from businesses of different sizes and industries
  • Insights and tips from the Seismic community